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New characters added:
1)Aldis Lustre- Main Character In TimeScript
2)Jehu Aurora- Aldis Lustre's Mortal Enemy
3)Bacchus Languor- Unrevealed

Time Scripting Entities:
1)Blade Of Adagio- Aldis Lustre's Time Scripting Weapon.
2)Sword Of Chiaroscuro
3)Watch of PerSaltum

Sound Good?
Hopefully it will turn out exciting.

TimeScript Addons

2007-11-27 01:09:50 by GunnerElite

1)An Explaination of HOW the character was "chosen".
2)Other Main Characters And Background Characters.
3)More time Spent in Areas Then Just Instant Teleport.

Time Script Comen Along Well.

2007-11-22 23:35:11 by GunnerElite

Time Script (The Animation) is comen Along Well for all those who liked the previous version.
The previous version was just an introductory of the concept and i hope to improve on the aspects of the Concept and the storyline. Dont get me wrong this will not be done very soon.

Also a new logo for the Animation Has Been Created As Seen in the Included Picture

If you'd like to check out the previous release of Time Script Click Here!

If you'd like more info please contact me via My Email.

Time Script Comen Along Well.